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Hosted by Bianca Moeschinger
Trainer: Ken Warren
Grass and Flowers

I invited Ken Warren to facilitate a weekend of Advanced emotional release bodywork training. 


Ken Warren has been providing remedial massage services for over 20 years, he is a qualified Psychosomatic Therapy teacher, has studied Chinese medicine and cranial sacral therapy.

To me he is a master at his craft.  I have left the training videos as whole as possible to show you the time it takes some to have a release.  I felt that was very beneficial as then no-none will assume it happens fast, even though in some cases it can.

Ken uses a very gentle approach that has the same if not better results that the hard and fast trigger point release, that we have used so much in the past.

I gained so much from this weekend and wanted to share a few of the most poignant insights.

  • Spaciousness - This was a word that Ken used a lot that has stuck with me.  Create the spaciousness for the nervous system to find its way.  This also goes for emotional release without touch and for self care.  The body will always search for balance and homeostasis, if we give it enough awareness, patience and spaciousness it will find the way.  The more spaciousness you have the more spaciousness they have to connect to their body/mind.

  • Understand the body, the mind body communication and energy flow rather than trouble shooting the personality.

  • Emotion is the bridge between the mind/thoughts and the Physical action/body

  • Understand the difference between the Empath and the 'I am' connection.  'I am' is up and down, Empath is front and back.

  • Allow the 'I Am' to do the work, You are merely the vehicle.

  • Look after yourself first.

  • If you are uncomfortable it will transfer to the client.

  • Only take them as far as you are ready to travel with them.  You can identify a trauma but it doesn't mean you have to go there.  It can take many sessions

  • the body remembers the way, so each session is not lost.

  • Slow and steady wins the race. Less is more.

  • Ensure the person is present and conscious through every release.

  • Identify bracing in the body, use your hands as feedback.

  • It is not about getting someone to change and 'Let go', it is respecting their intelligence and giving them a bridge.

  • When you are in your 'I AM' you will connect with there 'I AM', that connection will create deep love and pure awareness.

  • A block is usually a discrepancy between there thinking and experiencing.

  • All emotions are eventually released through the heart.

Please enjoy the following training videos. 

Have a note book and pen handy as there is a lot of gold in the next 8 plus hours. 

Please practice on those around you to get a feel for each lesson, ask them for feedback.

To gain access to these training videos please register to become a member.

A one off fee of $169aud is payable fro full access.


These videos were shot with Bianca's cameras from different angles, she has also completed all the editing.  So please be kind with the quality, it is quite good for an amateur.

Introduction -Allow just over two hours

Base Chakra - Allow just over two hours

Base Chakra - Allow just over two hours

Sacral Chakra - Allow just under three hours

Solar Plexus - Allow just under two hours

Advanced Emotional release bodywork Series

The above training weekend is one of 4 weekends plus 1 x playshop. 


This weekend was the first weekend in the series. 


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the current AERB series was put on hold. 

An opportunity is now available.

On completion of watching the above training videos you can join the series to complete the other 3 weekends plus 1 x playshop.   

The Series is expected to restart July 2020.

This would also include monthly zoom calls and additional study materials and requirements.  

To gain access to these training videos please register to become a member.

A one off fee of $169aud is payable for full access.

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