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Upcoming immersions and workshops
Sun, Sep 27
Bianca Moeschinger
Weekend - AER bodywork with Gillian Maddigan and Bianca Moeschinger (3)
Do you want to advanced your bodywork skills? It is rare to work with emotional release bodywork experts, there is magic in their work, learn from Bianca Moeschinger and Gillian Maddigan this May. One weekend only!!
Tue, Dec 01
Location is TBD
Become a Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner Intensive training
Become a Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner ​10 months online study and coaching with 10 day residential Psychosomatic Therapy training plus 2 x clinic days and logbook completion self paced hours. Taking enrolments now - Dates are: arrive evening 1st December - leave morning 12th December 2020.
Sun, Jun 13
Location is TBD
Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy
Are you ready to become a Master in Psychosomatic Therapy? Or simply master yourself?
Sun, May 17
Online Event via zoom
The Vibration of Light
You are invited to a sacred light language group healing with Bianca Moeschinger
Sat, Feb 29
Bianca Moeschinger
Series - Advanced Emotional release bodywork
Due to COVID-19 this series has been put on hold until August 2020. You can still join the series, catch up videos will be released to you. A special price to join is available. Do you want to advanced your bodywork skills? Learn from Bianca Moeschinger, Ken Warren and Gillian Maddigan.

Melbourne VIC, Australia

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