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Weekly Emotional Release  through 'Art Therapy', every Friday - South Yarra VIC

Psychosomatic and Yoga Therapy Retreat to be held at the magical


Rustic, Private and beautiful 

Immense food for the soul

Each are designed mostly for understanding of self and suited for those on a self healing or mastery journey.


March 26th, 2020 to March 31st, 2020

This retreat is designed for someone who is looking for alignment in all aspects of their life.  

Read further to find out what you will receive.

This retreat encompasses Mind, Body, Soul, Mental, Emotional, Physical

Psychosomatic Therapy is a simple yet complex therapy that reads your body, face, hands and feet.  We look at your tissue, your structure, your movement, fine and gross motor skills, you voice tone, languaging, patterns and stories in your body and in your languaging.  Your characteristics of behaviour develop the shape you are in which in turn creates the way you act and react in life as well as effect your law of attraction and health.

Essentially working with your emotional anatomy and energy we can easily and quickly bring to the surface disharmony and past in balances that are keeping you stuck.

The retreat is structured over 5 days in total. Arrive evening 26th March and leave 2.00pm 31st March 2020.

You would need to arrive the evening before at 5.00pm, as the location is around 2 1/2 hours from Melbourne city.  You can leave on the last day by 2.00pm.  Transport from Melbourne or nearest train station can be arranged.

Days will be made up of morning yoga, sun rise gazing, silence and breakfast before sharing.  We will then move into a relaxed program of the following: (with all mini workshops and treatments optional)

A schedule will be released two weeks prior to commencement, with private booking times made for Bodywork, Massage, Reiki, Psychosomatic Therapy readings, Bath and a deeper look at Astrology, human design and soul and personality rays.

One on One:

Bodywork for emotional release and realignment for energy centres and Traditional Thai Yoga massage 

Bath - learning to receive and treasure yourself

Psychosomatic Therapy - for body understanding and structural alignment

Body scrubs for touch and healing

Deeper Astrology, human design and soul and personality rays.

Relaxation Massage

Group activity:

Yoga Asana (including private program to take home) 

Pranayama (including private program to take home)

Yoga Nidra (to connect deeply with your sub conscious layers

Meditation for silence disconnect from your senses and self reflection in stillness.

Sharing each morning to connect deeply into unconscious stories or patterns in mind and body

Ecstatic dance - for freedom, expression and release

Body honouring and Presence for deep love and acceptance of self.

Fire Ceremony 

Mindful Nature walks

Mini workshops:

Astrology - plus personal 12 cycle calendar chart

Soul and personality rays

Human design

At your leisure:

Art Therapy

Food - for healing and to release energy around food consumption

Sun gazing each morning for direction and clarity


This retreat will be held in a place called Bear Gully, which is located near Wilsons Promontory on Victorias South Coast.  It is a very private and beautiful location.  The house has been designed so it feels like you are living in the elements.  There is 2 people to a room.  Beds are large and comfortable.  The house has one big living and dining area, surrounded by windows.  It is a 5 minute walk directly to the beach.  Plenty of outside nooks to find that private space to reflect.


The intention I have for creating this retreat is to provide a space for clients to go deep into their own personal journey, whilst in the hands of those that can support them on the way.  Many times in our life we get stuck, not knowing which way to move forward, this happens to both mind and body, it is natural.  It is times like these that taking time out to reconnect with who you naturally are or perhaps discover who you naturally are whilst let your layers drop away are imperative to your life.

What ever your reason for finding this retreat, you are welcome..

If this is something that is of interest please email me, share a little of yourself and where you are at in life.  I will arrange a call back and we will have a chat to see if you are a fit and of course we have a connection.

Bianca :)

Take homes:

A yoga therapy plan

Psychosomatic Therapy report and assessment, inc hand, face, body and feet reading.

Astrology, numerology and Human design chart

Your personal 12 cycle calendar chart

Any Art that you create.

A more connected self, with tools to take home.


5 days - $1,650 AUD


5 days - evening 26th March to 2.00pm 31st March 2020

$500 non refundable deposit to secure your place.  Full payment to be made 10 days prior to commencement, unless a written payment plan has been negotiated and approved.

Only 10 spots available

Camping and swag spots available for those who wish to sleep on the land

Each attendee is entitled to:

one Bodywork session 

one reiki session

one relaxation massage

one bath

one Psychosomatic therapy reading, body, face, hands and feet

all mini workshops

Please note 

in depth:

Astrology Reading

Human Design 

and Craniosacral Therapy

is additional charge.

Meet your facilitators:

Bianca Moeschinger

See my About me section here:

A small excerpt: My therapy goal is to purify the human being. The soul is pure and the body is the physical expression of the soul. The body is human; through its physical journey it is affected by stories, trauma, learnings of culture and gender norms etc - all the things the soul is not. Are you speaking your truth? Are you merely repeating what you have heard about yourself? Is there more to you than your profession and the events of your life?

Priscilla W Hole

Cranio sacral therapist, founder of 'Your personal 12 cycle calendar chart', master of Astrology, Master Psychosomatic Therapy, practitioner,  Change maker, Soul and Personality rays and Human design facilitator 

A small excerpt:  I’m a change agent - literally, everywhere I go, people experience change, and so do I.

My  experience has been to completely deconstruct my life from being safely corporate & stable to completely mobile and, in the eyes of the rest of the world, unstable..  

I’ve stepped out of debt, facing my fears (literally) regarding authority (govt, banks & parental), learned to receive, and totally trust that I will always be provided for.  

This has opened up the ability to see how money, as an energy, can present itself in so many different forms, not just cash.  I’ve been learning to see what other forms of exchange are possible and allowing the cash to find it’s natural place in my world, instead of being the driving force of why I can or can’t have or do anything…

Emma Abhijeeta Saraswati

I began practising yoga and meditation when I was in my teens, which later led me to study the art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and Satyananda (Bihar School of) Yoga, which I have been practising and teaching for almost 20 years.  I met my Yogic Guru Swami Niranjanananda Sawaswati in 2002. I took many initiations throughout this time and spent over 10 years living a 'sannyasa' life, dedicated to the spiritual path of yoga.  I founded and ran a yoga and therapy centre in London for 5 years and spent many years facilitating a space where beings could rebalance, restore and find calm, peace and contentment through yoga.

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Starting - Friday 27th September 2019 - every Friday after that - 2 hours - South Yarra VIC

Emotional release through 'Art Therapy' is offered every Friday in South Yarra, Melbourne VIC, starting 27th September 2019.  This is a group 'Art Therapy' session.   Session goes for 2 hours - starts at 10.00am and goes until 12 midday.  Cost is $85.00 per person.

As an emotional release specialist, I have developed many techniques for clients to release their emotions in a safe way that in turn becomes creation.

On this journey you will create a piece of Art or many pieces.  You can choose your own medium of expression.   It will be a creation of your emotions, we will travel through all the layers of your body from the ground up.

In you are interested in attending please contact Bianca directly to discuss. 

Places must be booked by the Monday before the Friday 'Art Therapy' session.