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In Development:

Do you have an interest in Psychosomatics and Yoga?

Bianca is in development of online certification training based on Psychosomatics and Yoga.

There will be 3 streams to the curriculum, starting with:

  1. understanding self

  2. understanding others

  3. practitioner training

This will then lead to Masters and mastery of self, before becoming a teacher.  

The core to this training will be based on:

  • Psychosomatics

  • Yoga

  • Tantra

  • Emotional release therapy

  • Applied Yoga

  • Emotional Anatomy

  • Bodywork

  • Physical therapy

They will be formally released in 2020, heavily discounted trial offers will be available throughout 2019.

Please contact Bianca directly to apply or subscribe below at psychosomaticsandyoga.com.

In the mean time:

I am offering some immersions online for the public and student workshops for current students in 2019, please see details below...

Melbourne VIC, Australia

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