Psychosomatic Therapy training online. 

Each module will take up 4 x 4 hour zoom sessions that will be held over 7 days

(times will suit international time zones, if you miss a session you can catch up via the recording). 


In that 7 days you will have tasks you need to complete for presentation to the group in the last 4 hour session of each module. Tasks will take up to a maximum of 8 hours in that week.

What you will receive:

Level 1 The Psychosomatic Therapy process

Level 2  The Psychosomatic Therapy process

Face to face with facts - Hermann Muller

The Psychosomatic Therapy process workbook

40 hours of online training with Bianca Moeschinger and other teachers.

Additional  online videos and resources.

Module 1- Psychosomatic Therapy Breakthrough

4 x 4 hour online zoom sessions + online resources

23rd August to 29th August 2021

  • Intention and commitment to your body

  • Introduction to Psychosomatic Therapy

  • The importance of sharing

  • Sharing whilst working remotely (online)

  • Chakras and energy centres of the body

  • Soul and Personality Rays

  • Triangle of light

  • Planes of existence

  • Internal/external - Left and right

To begin this module you will need to take a front on photo of your face. This will be used as a reference from the beginning of the training to monitor your changes from start to finish. 

You will analyse this photo in module 2

Cost:  $550 AUD

Module 2 - The Art of Face Reading

4 x 4 hour online zoom sessions + online resources

30th August to 5th September 2021

  • Introduction to face reading

  • Describe how your see yourself

  • Face shape

  • Mental/emotional/physical

  • Most prominent feature

  • Nose, eyes, ears, mouth, cheeks, eye brows, lines

  • Chakras in the face.

  • Face split analysis

  • Deliver face reading report

Cost: $550 AUD

Module 3 & 4 - Reading the Body Mind Analysis

8 x 4 hour online zoom sessions + online resources

6th September to 19th September 2021

  • Introduction to reading the body

  • Your body map

  • Psychosomatic Client case history form

  • The three keys

  • Involution and evolution

  • Psychosomatic responses (the tissue)

  • Major body splits

  • Posture and imbalanced energy centres

  • Visual/audio/kinesthetic

  • Legs, knees, pelvis, thighs, calves, ankles, buttocks

  • The diaphragm (breathing exercises)

  • Chest, shoulders, arms, breasts

  • the spine and neck

  • Deliver body/mind analysis

​Cost: $1,100 AUD

Module 5 - Limbs Joints and Feet

4 x 4 hour online zoom sessions + online resources

20th September to 26th September 2021

  • Introduction to Limbs, joints and feet

  • Chakras in the feet

  • The tree of life

  • Support, structure and articulation

  • The language of the feet

  • How we walk and stand in the world

  • Deliver feet report

Cost: $550AUD

Module 6 - The language of the hands

4 x 4 hour online zoom sessions + online resources

27th September to 3rd October

  • Introduction to the language of the hands.

  • The quadrants

  • The 5 fingers and their mounts

  • Chakras in the hands

  • Hand types

  • Deliver hand report

Cost: $550AUD



You will have online resources and videos for reference and study. 

The full level 1 training will take 6 weeks.


Total level 1 cost $3,300 AUD

We start 23rd August and complete the week of 4th October 2021.



Level 2 - Online component

Module 7 & 8 - Emotional Anatomy and

Psychosomatic Diseases

8 x 4 hour online zoom sessions + online resources

4th October to 13th October 2021

  • Emotional anatomy

  • Psychosomatic Diseases

  • Ethics & OHS

  • Transference

  • Contrindications

Cost: $1,100 AUD

Module 9 - Psychosomatic Lifestyle consultation

4 x 4 hour online zoom + online resources

14th October to 19th October 2021

  • Introduction to Psychosomatic Lifestyle consultations

  • Delivering Psychosomatic therapy online and in person

  • Perform a lifestyle consultation online

  • deliver lifestyle consultation reports

Cost: $550 AUD

Total level 2 online component: $1,650 AUD

To gain full qualification students will have 12 months to do a short residential component of 5 days to fulfil the face to face requirements.   

These 5 days will include:

  • Emotional release bodywork training

  • 3x Mind body analysis sessions

  • 2 x lifestyle consultations

  • 3 x emotional release bodywork sessions

  • sharing each day

  • initiation and close

Total residential component cost:

$3,150 AUD ( includes accomodation and board)


Dates and locations for residential component will be determined:

  • For International students- once travel starts to open up due to Covid - 19 restrictions.

  • For Australian residents - dates will be confirmed early August 2021

$1,000 AUD deposit to secure your place

Book in to each level in its entirety i.e.

Level 1, Level 2 and 5 days residential.

It is not compulsory to do all levels


This course is for:

  • practitioners/therapists

  • to become a qualified psychosomatic therapy practitioner 

  • and for personal development.

No experience necessary

This is a Certificate III course.


Online Training

Level 1 online - Psychosomatic Therapy training

Level 2 online - Psychosomatic Therapy training

5x day in Person component to complete certification