Psychosomatic Therapy to me is a deep understanding of the communication of your body mind and soul. 


Your behaviour, is your 'being what you have here', your actions and reactions are a consequence of the current shape you are in. 


When we understand what the tissue is communicating we then choose to accept or change it.

Psychosomatics is bring awareness to the issue, or shine a light on it so it is seen, with awareness it automatically starts to change, as it is no longer hidden or in the dark.

Psychosomatic Therapy in more detail

Psychosomatic therapy is made up of the ability to read:

  • Faces

  • Bodies

  • Hands

  • Feet

  • Emotional Anatomy

  • Psychosomatic Body Language

  • Psychosomatic Language

  • Voice vibration, tone, sound and where it resides in the body

  • Energy in motion (emotion)

  • in balances that create disease

  • Duality of your relationship i.e. soul/personality or soul/human or soul/behaviour - masculine feminine - good/bad - hot/cold etc


By understanding the principles of Psychosomatics you then have an innate understanding of yourself and others.  This then leads you to the keys and tools to become a practitioner, teacher, leader or best version of yourself.

All of my 1:1 sessions, immersions and workshops incorporate Psychosomatic Therapy.

Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner training curriculum and next dates.