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I offer a variety of 1:1 sessions to suit people's needs.

Sessions can be online or in person.


Bodywork and mentoring - Initial consultation is 1 hour 45 mins, with any follow ups 1 hour 15 mins.

Consultations, energy healing, lightwork sessions and emotional release therapy are 1 hour 


I offer a combination of group immersions and embodiment retreats. 

What to expect on immersion or embodiment retreat?

I provide the spaciousness for you to find your way back to homeostasis what ever that looks like for your physiology and life. 


You will be supported through your challenges and triumphs, whilst given the tools to create balance and develop independence.

            Immersions are based on:

  • psychosomatic principles

  • yoga

  • tantra

  • nature

  • energy

  • art therapy

  • play

  • light language

  • and alchemy

I love to think of us as a cell in the most subtle of ways, that cell has particles each takes up space, some particles or facets we have mastered some we have not, in saying that... they are all mastered we are just not consciously aware of it yet. 


Each one of us have a unique and special journey in our duality of soul and human experience. 


It is my wish to journey with those who are seeking to understand or draw awareness to the space in the cells and to understand the dynamic of that cell as it will then expand into our infinite  and greater universe.


I have created a number of workshops and training programs. 


I also offer Certification, Masters and Teachers in Psychosomatic Therapy

Workshops range in duration from 2 hours, a whole weekend, 11 days and 1 year student mentorship program.

Workshops offered are in relation to understanding self, understanding others, practitioner training, masters and teacher training. 


They are based on psychosomatic principles, embodiment, emotional release therapy, bodywork, yoga, tantra, art therapy and play.


Current Online Immersions

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In development:

I am currently developing online training under the categories of:


  • understanding self

  • understanding others

  • practitioner training


the courses will be based on Psychosomatics and Yoga.  

A full selection of courses will be released in 2020/21.

If you are interested in Psychosomatics and Yoga online training in the future please subscribe here, and you will receive emails updating you on a release date.


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