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 a place of healing


We are forever balancing between life and death. We are active or we are asleep - our life mainly exists between those two polarities.  Both are as important as the other.  We can journey in both polarities, with the sleep state the most misunderstood.


In rest we restore, we integrate and we come back together.  The Chamber is a place of restoration; it is a place to spring back into alignment and let go of that which no longer serves you.  The chamber is best done multiple times to really understand its power.

First we sit and connect with ourselves. We remove ourselves from everyone else in the room. We become present with what is appearing in this moment within. We allow for our body to land, our breath to find its rhythm and for the unexpressed emotions to rise before we set our intention for the session.

Once we have our intention we prepare for the chamber.  Lying down, with a bolster under our knees and a low pillow behind our head. We place a blanket over the top of us and we start to land even more.

We give permission for the body to twitch, jump, yawn and jolt.  We allow the shiver to come, the tingles to be felt and we land some more. We keep landing deeper and deeper into ourselves and the floor.

We then expand ourselves above our body and call in any healing energy from above and below to be received in the highest and best.  We receive this and then allow it to integrate. We breathe and receive it some more, from the base to the crown and crown to base.  Once we are full we expand our healing energy to others, forming the healing circle.  We do this energetically, giving and receiving begins.

The chamber will start to close after silence.  We start to reconnect with our bodies before coming back up to seated. We place our hands on our hearts in gratitude and take a moment before sharing.

Sharing is not compulsory, it is only for those who wish to share their experience.

What is happening?

We are working with your nervous system.

We are working with interoception & proprioception.

We are using the power of connection.

Sessions are best done in 3's

1x session $85aud

2x sessions $150aud

3x sessions $195aud

90 minutes in total - 3:13pm to 4.43pm when the body naturally enters its afternoon rest phase

To secure your chamber spot:

+  follow the link below or Click on 'Book Online' 

+ Select 1x chamber or a plan of chambers

+ go to calendar and the chamber times will appear if you

click on 'Next Available'

+ book in for the chambers you wish to attend

Chambers are currently held on Saturday afternoons


Location: Element Wellness

144 St Kilda Road, St Kilda Melbourne Victoria

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