Emotional release therapy is a no touch technique that I use to guide you safely through an emotional release process.  The reason this is so therapeutic for you is that it teaches you the pathways for you to have the confidence and understanding to release the emotions on your own.

The purpose of this session is to give you balance and alignment but also education so that you understand yourself more and have the tools to take home with you.

Releasing or identifying emotions that need expression will lead to: 

  • primarily in calming the nervous system,

  • keeping you connected to yourself,

  • assisting you in releasing emotions,

  • moving you through fear and into creativity (alchemy and clarity),

  • providing the spaciousness for you to vent, be heard, ground and find some peace in challenging times.

  • Spiritual guidance and support

  • Assisting in the process of the death of your personality and ego.

  • Bringing you back into centre


Emotion is merely energy in motion, it is the bridge between your thoughts and your physical action. 


Where we get stuck is either thinking or judging our emotions too much

or keeping up appearances

or our emotions being too destructible leading to us not being able to understand nor handle them.

When we gain an understanding of how our own unique body expresses it self, we are on our way to finding more peace and clarity.


In session we will:

use breath work

Guidance through you energetic system through awareness

move energy


yoga nidra or access to your subconscious through deep meditation

grounding and presence exercises.

Sessions are 1 hour - Cost $150

Online or Face to Face

Location is 62 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne VIC

Appointment times:


10.00, 11.00, 12.00

2.00, 3.00, 4.00



I have recently developed the ancient gift of light language.

Find out more here

When I connect with your energy, presence and tissue, I am able to work directly with your light through spoken word in many languages and touch if required.

These sessions are extremely powerful.

If you wish to book this session please note that this session will have an impact, as the language is at times very strong and tribal,

the message that you need will come through.

Those who have experienced this so far have given feedback of a game changing experience.

I also offer a VIP Membership Program 'Under the Silence'

Membership is $50 a month

Sessions are 1 hour - Cost $500

Online or Face to Face

Location is 62 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne VIC

Appointment times:


10.00, 11.00, 12.00

2.00, 3.00, 4.00


This consultation space is created so you can clear your head, get things off your chest and perhaps gain a different perspective on the nature of what is causing you stress, discomfort and an inability to move forward.

This session has the feel of chatting with a friend however, it will be professional and will be all about you.  To gain clarity on a situation you sometimes need a neutral party to hear you and then give you feedback if required.  We are created mostly from water, when we hold things in for too long the water becomes stagnant, by bringing in some fresh perspective to your water it activates it again.. thus clarity comes.

Permission is a key word for me, and in most cases merely providing people with the permission to talk and for the other to listen can be the greatest gift to another.  These sessions will not have pressure nor digging.  You can sit in silence and speak when it is ready or you can let it all come up.

Sessions are 1 hour - Cost $150

Online or Face to Face

Location is 62 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne VIC

Appointment times:


10.00, 11.00, 12.00

2.00, 3.00, 4.00


Bianca will assess where you are at through your energy, voice, composure and presence.  She then reads your body/face and the language in which you are presenting yourself in that moment.


She will ask what your intention is for the session.  

While you are chatting she will be un-coding set patterns and drawing your awareness to repeat stories events and strong beliefs that you are feeding and holding onto, this forms part of the 'intuitive healing'.  When she feels energetically it is time she will put you on the table for some 'emotional release bodywork'.  

Once you are there she will monitor your breath and energy, this will then lead her to realigning you, releasing any trapped energies, past hurts and emotions, anger or the like, she will integrate changes that you can then adapt to your daily life. 


The session can be quite powerful and deep, she will work at the level you are at, no matter where you are vibrating or resonating at that time.  All will be conducted at your highest and best.


Sessions can be soft, gentle and nurturing, or draw your awareness to your pain body and teach you how to surrender and release.  

A follow up will be recommend if required.

Initial consultation is 1 hour 45 mins

Cost is $250

Any follow up consultation is 1 hour 15 mins

Cost is $185

Location is 62 Wellington Pde, East Melbourne VIC

Appointment times:


9.00 or 9.30,

11.00 or 11.30,

1.30 or 2.00,

3.30 or 4.00


Saturday appointments:​

Bianca offers sessions One Saturday a month, these also get booked out quickly, payment must be made when you book.

12.30, 2.30 or 4.00



I am now offering mentoring services.  If you feel that I am that person for you please reach out.

We will initially have a chat about your needs , we then look at times that suit us both and a budget.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.


Melbourne VIC, Australia

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