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NDIS is the National Disability Insurance Scheme, it has been created to support those in need.  Complimentary Therapy is a therapy that assists those in need; that compliments other therapies they are receiving.

When someone is on the National Disability Insurance Scheme - NDIS, it has been proven that they need support in many things.  The banner that I come under in support is 'Social Integration and Self Care' & 'Assessment Recommendation & Training'

Your sessions would include:

Therapeutic understanding of your emotional anatomy

Regulation and self care during times of instability

A reconnection with your centre

A strengthen of your connection to your stability and centre

An understanding of the mechanics that have lead to your current situation

Tools to be used:

Emotional release bodywork

Emotional Release Therapy

BioMedical Yoga Therapy

Your plan approach will be centred on providing the tools for you to reestablish your own ability, dependance and integration with the world.

Sessions are 90 minutes -

Cost $250 AUD when a regular plan is in place

Initial Consultation is $300 AUD - 90 minutes

Sessions are mostly In-Person however, can also be online when required

Online consultations are also available for who live outside of Melbourne

NDIS - Complimentary Therapy


mother nature.jpg

These sessions provide emotional support through a challenging time in one's life.


That chemistry can be very challenging to process when triggered by an event that we find difficult to handle.

We don't always need a therapist, psychologist or counsellor, sometime we simply need to be heard and for the space to be held whilst we embrace the emotion and process it ourselves.

These sessions are also available as a supportive role or energetic space holder in challenging meetings related to work, relationships, financial loss or grief.


These may include:

attending a meeting as an emotional support person,

support through a relationship breakup,

financial loss or grief.  


Throughout this session you will feel held and supported, whilst being provided space to process your emotions and thoughts.

In a meeting you may feel the extra support for confidence or to have someone on your support team. 

Sessions are also valuable to support a decision-making process.

Sessions are 60 minutes or as required

$225 per hour + travel

Online - In-Person - Onsite

Emotional Release Bodywork


Dancing in Water

Bianca will assess where you are at through your energy, voice, composure and presence.  She then reads your body/face and the language in which you are presenting yourself in that moment.


She will ask what your intention is for the session.  

While you are chatting she will be un-coding set patterns and drawing your awareness to repeat stories events and strong beliefs that you are feeding and holding onto, this forms part of the 'intuitive healing'.  When she feels energetically it is time she will put you on the table for some 'emotional release bodywork'.  

Once you are there she will monitor your breath and energy, this will then lead her to realigning you, releasing any trapped energies, past hurts and emotions, anger or the like, she will integrate changes that you can then adapt to your daily life. 


The session can be quite powerful and deep, she will work at the level you are at, no matter where you are vibrating or resonating at that time.  All will be conducted at your highest and best.


Sessions can be soft, gentle and nurturing, or draw your awareness to your pain body and teach you how to surrender and release.  

A follow up will be recommend if required.

Initial consultation is 1 hour 45 mins

Cost is $300

Any follow up consultation is either a regular or long session

Cost is $210 - regular session (60 mins)

Cost is $275 - long session (90 mins)

Regular clients special

4 or 10 sessions paid in advance for regular or long sessions - see booking page for prices

Location is South Yarra VIC  (Address given on booking confirmation)

Emotional Support Session
Online Yoga Classes



Bianca offers a range of online Psychosomatics and Yoga classes

Yoga Nidra

a 45 minute class done in Shavasana or dead corpse pose.  Deeply healing and beneficial for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, sleep disorders or menstrual issues.  An incredibly relaxing and deep daily practice.  Studies have shown when done at 3.00pm in the afternoon has great health benefits.

Restorative Yoga 

a 1 hour class is an incredible asana practice designed to reset the nervous system. 

This practice is great for trauma, healing of wounds, dealing with stress and anxiety, sleep disorders and merely needing to let go, unwind and recalibrate.  Props will be needed for this practice.

Please see video on what props are required. 3 x blocks, 2 x Yoga blankets, 1x large bolster (rectangle/oval), 2x smaller bolsters, zafu or mediation cushion, eye mask, yoga strap

Yoga Asana

a 1 hour class is the most well known of yoga practices.  Incorporating Hatha, Vini some Vinyasa flow and occasional Iyengar.  In this asana class I will start with a short meditation and connection.

We will then move into Asana that will relate to an intention; it may be heart rate variability, Vagal nerve for deeper connection to self, HPA Axis for stress and anxiety, Heart Brain connection for clarity, Psychoneuroimmunology or Gut Brain Axis.

We may even work on simple things like feeling, balance, position in the world, strength and connection.  

We will complete with a short relaxation.  

Props will occasionally be required for this practice.  

Please keep handy if you have them 2x blocks, 1 x Yoga strap, 1 x bolster and 1 x Yoga chair.


A deep guided meditation to take you into your internal self and then expand.  Mediation is one of my favourite yoga practices. It is the most devotional and can give one the greatest of insights and connection.  

This meditation session goes for 30 minutes.  

We may look at breath, heart rate, senses or no senses, chakras and the tantras.

Psychosomatics and Yoga Membership

- Unlimited classes online and full access to recorded class library

- $29aud a month


I am now offering mentoring services.  If you feel that I am that person for you please reach out.

We will initially have a chat about your needs , we then look at times that suit us both and a budget.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.

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