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E = mc2   
Albert Einstein

We as a human being are made up of particles, when you move to the centre of the centre of the centre of all those particles you will find light.  This is in the most basic of explanations.

So in essence we are light, our bodies change and mould faster than the speed of light.  We are having millions of chemical reactions within seconds of each other.

Without going into the science of all of this, I am here to explain the language of light.  There is a vibration or communication which is the language of all languages that the body innately understands.  This language will undo patterns, emotions, behaviours, beliefs of the past that have brought you into imbalance or disease.

We are creatures of comfort and we are living in a world where we can temporally fix things or create comfort quite easily.  This takes us away from really listening to why the discomfort has occurred in the first place.

This is where I come in, the work that I do is to speak the language of your tissue through my hands and voice.  This does not come from my mind, it comes directly from your light.. ie soul.

This is very powerful work and will unlock feelings and emotions you perhaps haven't wanted to deal with in the past.  With the tools and maturity of age you may now be ready to 'Handle' these emotions.

This I can help you with too!!  With years of experience dealing with the physiology of many clients, I can give you the tools to always come back to your body, breath and presence.  That way you do not get lost in the story, belief or the old emotion that no longer serves you.

These sessions will start from $500 for 1 hour for the month of March 2020, with a review of prices after that.  Please email me directly to book in. 

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