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Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy
Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy

Mon, Nov 01


Mount Buller Victorian High Country

Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy

Are you ready to become a Master in Psychosomatic Therapy? Or simply master yourself?

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Time & Location

Nov 01, 2021, 6:00 PM – Nov 13, 2021, 10:00 AM

Mount Buller Victorian High Country


About The Event

If you are reading this you have completed your 10 day Psychosomatic Therapy training.  

You are ready to take the next step in your journey.

Delivered over 11 days...

This masters journey is just that a journey into self mastery using the principles of Psychosomatic Therapy, Yoga and Alchemy.

Each day we go deeper into the curriculum whilst you go deeper into yourself and others - you know how this works!!

Here is the standard curriculum:

An advanced study of self - through deepening the process of the Magic of Bodymind Communication©.  A discipline of authentically integrating and aligning your language, physical expression and thought patterns. 

This newly upgraded course supports your personal or professional aspirations towards facilitating your heart’s calling and Soul’s purpose. Whether you are following a pathway toward a Psychosomatic Teaching career or plan to tailor your skills toward other leadership roles this highly adaptable training offers intensive study in:

  • Soul & Personality Rays©
  • Psychosomatic Language©
  • Hands & Feet of the Soul©
  • Secrets of Body Language©
  • Personality Profiling©
  • Psychosomatic Disease Case Studies & Self Healing©
  • The Magic of Bodymind Communication©
  • Advanced Emotional Release Bodywork & Soul Energetics

Soul & Personality Rays The Power of Words & Appropriate Language

  • Soul & Personality Rays© the blue print of the soul & your key energy centres
  • Your Soul & Personality directives profile
  • How do you speak / What impact do words have?
  • Self evaluation & creative application as a Psychosomatic Therapist
  • Psychosomatic linguistics - the alchemy of external & internal dialogue
  • Universal quantifiers - a source of disease
  • Audio recording - playback & evaluation
  • How to reprogram self talk to be positive, present & continuous

Hands & Feet of the Soul An extensive study of these delicate tools of the whole Bodymind opens unaccountable doors to amazing insights to the internal function of the human body.  They are the most sensitive physical parts of the body’s transmitters of information from the body’s inner world to the outside world, creating the Magic of the Bodymind Communication© the essence of Body Language. 

Secrets of Body Language The Universal Language of Body and Soul 

The practitioner is trained to observe the mental and emotional state of the client and how this has manifested physically in the biological and neurological condition of the body.

  • Understanding basic principles of body language from a Psychosomatic viewpoint
  • The principles of energy flow
  • Reading & interpreting body language through; Facial expressions, gestures, extremities, body positions, personal & group-interaction
  • Practical assessment & presentation

Personality Profiling The therapist is trained to interpret the conditions of the Body-mind through Psychosomatic awareness.  The verbalized condition stated by the client is only of marginal value to the experienced Psychosomatic Practitioner.

  • Interpreting faces in profile & full front view
  • How to identify potential individual characteristics
  • Profile & assessment of potential outstanding characteristics & features conducive to qualities or challenges seen in profile and front view of the face
  • Assessment, Evaluation & Reporting

Psychosomatic Disease Case Studies & Self Healing The client is empowered by the process of self healing. The practitioner’s assessment of the client is essentially non-verbal, based on the extensive training in Certificate III and its practical application. The practitioner identifies Psychosomatic dis-eases, the energy centers involved, symptoms and suggested treatment. The therapeutic attitude of patience, warmth and compassion generates the ‘self healing process’ by their participation. A great deal occurs within the safe space created.

  • Psychosomatic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Performing a case study
  • The professional therapeutic environment
  • Practical assessment of the bodymind to relevant numbers & personality of the soul
  • Design of therapy session based on the centre core energy & response of the outer sheath
  • Solutions & diagnosis to attributes & challenges within ‘the shape they are in’
  • The secret of teeth

The Magic of Bodymind Communication This training focuses on mastering the techniques of observing, listening and sensing so there is a body-mind to body-mind connection that disassociates from the analytical, and somewhat presumptuous knowledge of the conscious mind, ‘The Magic of Bodymind Communication’©

  • Enhance practitioner perception & efficient documentation
  • Advanced Body Mind Analysis
  • Practical application & assessment
  • Proficient BMA documentation & Psychosomatic language
  • Written summary of four key modalities
  • Bodymind Analysis report presentations & discussion

Advanced Emotional Release Bodywork & Soul Energetics Soul energetics - emotional release is a powerful tool for your client’s integrative healing process.  A deep communication occurs in the subconscious between the bodymind & soul.  Cellular memory, sometimes deeply buried, is released through your contact with the emotional release points - this is a unique process of body work that is loving & nurturing

A word from Bianca

As with all of my intensives this will be delivered with an element of magic and some yoga.  It will be a 'Feeling experience' and one you will surely remember.  Come and journey with me this November 1st to the 13th November 2021, arrive evening 1st , leave morning 13th. 


Prerequisites for attending Master Practitioner in Psychosomatic Therapy: 10484NAT Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy or Statement of Attainment 

Requisites for Master Practitioner in Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate: Complete 10 days of face to face Master Practitioner Training + logbook homework assignments Practitioner member of INTAPT - International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists Please note:  The professional pathway of attaining Master Practitioner is necessary towards entry into Teacher Training in Psychosomatic Therapy 


Requistites for Advanced Psychosomatic Process Statement of Attendance Complete 10 days of face to face Master Practitioner Training Associate member of INTAPT - International Association of Psychosomatic Therapists 


Cost of the Masters is $7,295 inc full board and residential component...   This is a residential course.

$1,000 Deposit will secure your place 

Payment plans of approx $600 a month over 12 months or $400 over 18 months available. To be paid 15th of each month.

Please email Bianca for registration form.

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