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Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy inc Emotional Anatomy and Yoga (MPEATY)
Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy inc Emotional Anatomy and Yoga (MPEATY)

Wed, Mar 01


Don Valley

Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy inc Emotional Anatomy and Yoga (MPEATY)

If you have completed the 7 month online training (PEAT) - the 7 day in Person training (PEART), then you are invited to attend the Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy inc Emotional Anatomy and yoga (MPEATY).

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Time & Location

Mar 01, 2023, 5:00 PM – Mar 11, 2023, 10:00 AM

Don Valley, 1475 Don Rd, Don Valley VIC 3139, Australia


About The Event

The masters in Psychosomatic Therapy inc Emotional anatomy and yoga will be delivered over 11 days...

Arrive early evening of the 1st March 2023 and leave morning of the 11th February 2023.

Moving in the direction of mastery in ones life is not only about aquiring a skill or a higher level of something. It is about finding the balance and becoming conscious of 'what is' in every moment, even to the extent of being a concious witness through challenge and also allowing oneself to choose to express or not to with freedom no matter the reality.

One thing I have learnt over time is that it is not my business to be involved in your business, that is your own unique experience, your sacrad dance if you like.  I can witness and reflect you as you will me.

It is fair to say that whilst I am in this human form I will act and feel like a human, I get triggered and ebb and flow with all dimensions of my existence and in fact I can still get stuck in a loop until I realise I am in one.  My story loops are stronger and deeper but so much more rewarding once they are unravelled.

In the offer of facilitating the Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy inc emotional anatomy and yoga, I will show up in all forms of myself.  Over the 11 days we have together we will journey together and learn how to embody the psychosomatic therapy process.  The first course was more about reading parts of ourselves and others, this one is about integration, embodyment and to continue to unlock our personal toolbox.

This masters journey is an immersion,  facilitated through the guidance of the Psychosomatic therapy process.

During this process we observe energy in our own field internally and externally whilst experiencing the morphogenic field of all of us.

We discover:

  • Planes of existence and where we love to hang out
  • Biofeedback, story and emotional loops
  • Triggers and catalysts for change
  • The practice of going in/down versus up and out
  • Mastering emotions or e-motion to then reach levels of emotional intelligence and regulation from a somatic perspective rather than mentally programing or telling.
  • Embracing all emotions - i.e E-motion
  • Boundaries, value and space
  • Communication, expression of all aspects of self
  • Explore energy in motion through subtle to gross movement.
  • Discover the polarities of self and then disconnecting from the story or attachment to them.
  • Bodywork in touch and also through no touch and merely vibration of self and voice
  • Introduction and practice of light language, art, dance and the e-motion movement practice

We start each day with connection to self through practice, we then share and witness.  The afternoons will be curricullum with a variety of somatic practices aligned with each subject.

Each student will be recorded in sharing for body, face, feet, hand, voice and vibration language awareness at the beginning and end of the 11 day journey.

What is the Psychosomatis Therapy process:

An advanced study of self - through deepening the process of the Magic of Bodymind Communication©.  A discipline of authentically integrating and aligning your language, physical expression and thought patterns.

Subjects to be covered over the 11 days

  • Soul & Personality Rays© the blue print of the soul & your key energy centres inc your directives profile
  • Psychosomatic Language©
  • Hands & Feet of the Soul©
  • Secrets of Body Language©
  • Personality Profiling©
  • Psychosomatic Disease Case Studies & Self Healing©
  • The Magic of Bodymind Communication©
  • Advanced Emotional Release Bodywork & Soul Energetics

More details:

Psychosomatic Language

  • The Power of Words & Appropriate Language
  • How do you speak / What impact do words have?
  • Psychosomatic linguistics - the alchemy of external & internal dialogue
  • Audio recording - playback & evaluation
  • How to reprogram self talk to be positive, present & continuous

Hands & Feet language of the Soul

An extensive study of these delicate tools of the whole Bodymind opens unaccountable doors to amazing insights to the internal function of the human body.

Secrets of Body Language

The Universal Language of Body and Soul

  • Understanding basic principles of body language from a Psychosomatic viewpoint
  • The principles of energy flow
  • Reading & interpreting body language through; Facial expressions, gestures, extremities, body positions, personal & group-interaction
  • Practical assessment, presentation and feedback

Personality Profiling

Face Language

  • Interpreting faces in profile & full front view
  • How to identify potential individual characteristics
  • Profile & assessment of potential outstanding characteristics & features conducive to qualities or challenges seen in profile and front view of the face

Psychosomatic Disease Case Studies & Self Healing

Become empowered by the process of self healing.

  • Psychosomatic Anatomy & Physiology
  • Performing a case study of self or another
  • Design of therapy session based on the centre core energy & response of the outer sheath
  • Solutions & diagnosis to attributes & challenges within ‘the shape they are in’
  • The secret of teeth
  • Universal quantifiers - a source of disease

The Magic of Bodymind Communication

This masters journey focuses on mastering the techniques of observing, listening and sensing so there is a body-mind to body-mind connection that disassociates from the analytical, and somewhat presumptuous knowledge of the conscious mind.

  • Advanced Body Mind Analysis
  • Proficient BMA documentation & Psychosomatic language
  • Self evaluation and mastery
  • Video recording - playback & evaluation

Advanced Emotional Release Bodywork & Soul Energetics

  • Demonstration and practice with touch and no touch

Prerequisites for attending Masters in Psychosomatic Therapy inc Emotional anatomy and yoga:

10 day Psychosomatic Therapy training or Statement of Attainment

or 7 month online training PEAT & 7 day residential in person PEART

Cost of the Masters is $7,495 inc full board and residential component...

$1,000 Deposit will secure your place

$2,495 needs to be paid prior to 1st February 2023

Payment plans of approx $420 a month over 12 months.

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