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Weekend - AER bodywork and traditional Thai yoga massage workshop with Emma Abhijeeta and Bianca Moeschinger (1)
Weekend - AER bodywork and traditional Thai yoga massage workshop with Emma Abhijeeta and Bianca Moeschinger (1)

Sat, Apr 04


Bianca Moeschinger

Weekend - AER bodywork and traditional Thai yoga massage workshop with Emma Abhijeeta and Bianca Moeschinger (1)

Do you want to advanced your bodywork skills? It is rare to work with emotional release bodywork experts, there is magic in their work, learn from Bianca Moeschinger and Emma Abhijeeta this April. One weekend only!!

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Time & Location

Apr 04, 2020, 9:30 AM – Apr 05, 2020, 5:00 PM

Bianca Moeschinger, South Yarra VIC, Australia

About The Event

For One weekend only;



Incorporating the Art & Spirit of Thai Yoga Massage 

Weekend 2 of the Advanced Emotional Release bodywork Series

A two-day workshop designed to give a taste of this ancient healing art and how you can begin to incorporate some of the techniques and the spirit of Thai Yoga Massage into your own practice. 

The weekend will include an introductory talk covering the history, background and theoretical foundation of Thai Yoga Massage, practical demonstrations, preparation and protection, Thai Ayurveda, acupressure & massage techniques, floor work & posture, applied yoga & stretching, chakras, balancing energy, energy lines & key acupressure points and the 5 koshas (sheaths or bodies). Students will learn techniques to support, stretch and massage various parts of the body the traditional way. 

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art, which has its roots in India and is widely used in Thailand and Western countries today. It concentrates on an energy line system through which the body's natural life force (prana) flows. Blockages in this life force may cause aches, pains and dis-ease.

The massage is applied through the therapist's use of hands, feet and elbows to apply pressure to important points along the energy lines, in combination with gentle stretching and applied hatha yoga. This releases blocked energy and frees the body's own natural healing potential, thus restoring balance, health and harmony.

The gentle stretching movements, energy line and pressure point work produces a uniquely relaxing yet energising and highly effective therapeutic treatment, ideal for anyone regardless of their level of flexibility.


· The spirit of TYM – ‘metta’ - physical application of loving kindness, Northern style – form of preventative medicine

· History & background

· YOGA: Preparation & protection – chanting, asana, YN / meditation, prana eggs 

· Moving energy up and down the body. TYM from feet to head, start masc or feminine side dependent on gender. ER flow in comparison.

· The 5 Koshas – works mainly on pranamaya kosha, emphasis on 10 major lines and balancing them.


· Body positions – using your body to support theirs

· Floor work, supports, posture & doing the work - staying flexible open in your body, doing the ‘work’ & staying grounded, know what you need for that - can only support someone to go as deeply as you’ve gone yourself.

· Giving the hands a rest: using different parts of the body to massage – feet, hands, elbows. 

· Massage techniques: palming, thumbing, clapping, knuckles, heels, elbows

· Applied yoga & stretching: opening the energy lines, allowing movement of energy

· 10 Sen (more similar to yoga nadis in yoga than Chinese meridians – more specific, developed for a specific purpose).

Sen Sumana – general energy balancing, back & respiratory probs

Sen Itta (L) – feminine, parasympathetic, intuitive, lunar, heart & spleen

Sen Pinkhala (R) – masculine, sympathetic, physical, solar, liver & gall bladder

Both I & P are worked and united at the 3rd eye.

Sen Kalathari – emotional balancing & release, psychic disturbances, heart balancing & strengthening, stroke, paralysis, neck pain, headache

· Post massage cleansing - wash, shake off, Kaya Kriya


· YOGA: Preparation & protection – chanting, asana, YN, meditation, prana eggs 

· The breath and letting go – helping your client to surrender, opening postures to assist

· TYM – a branch of Thai Ayurveda – constitutions, adapting massage to suit – timing, pressure, oils, compresses

· Some key acupressure points ­– comparison to ERB

· Chakras, emotional release and balancing with opposite chakra


· Emotional Release bodywork review - integrating TYM (DEMO part by part) with Bianca

· Overview of Emotional Release Bodywork – the differences, integrating TYM stretches, supports and massage techniques 

· Post massage cleansing - wash, shake off, Kaya Kriya 


The Art of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage – Asokananda

Thai Yoga Massage – Kira Balaskas

What you will need to bring:

Thai yoga massage mat (only if you have one - not essential)


Massage oil

A book for taking notes

Bottle of water

Plate of food to share for lunch


Prerequisites for this course:

This course initially is for students who have completed at the minimum 10 days Psychosomatic Therapy training, if all the places are not filled then we will look at students outside this scope.  This will be by application so we ensure you have the skills to join the group.  Please email Bianca directly to see if you qualify to join the group, we would love to have you.


LIMITED PLACES Available to ensure an intimate group where each student receives enough support and time.


Cost for the weekend is $650. 

Early Bird - Please note a 10% discount is offered to those who pay in full by the 30th February 2020.


Only 10 spots available - $200 deposit to secure your place


This weekend is part of a series and you can upgrade at anytime to join that series or coaching program. 

More details on the series here:

More details on the coaching program here:

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