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Psychosomatic Therapy & Emotional Anatomy 
Online Training  

This is a self paced journey of self discovery. That can lead you to a new vocation.

Are you a student of life? Do you like to dive deep into the layers of your existence? Do you enquire within and seek out that which we do not yet understand?
We are looking for you.  That special someone that questions life itself and is forever seeking more. Is that you?
If so you will love this work..

Join us in the Online journey which is Psychosomatics and Emotional Anatomy training PEAT 



What you will receive:

Taking a self discovery journey is a little like self mastery.

Psychosomatic Therapy and Emotional anatomy training is that journey.

Moving in the direction of mastery in ones life is not only about acquiring a skill or a higher level of something.

It is about finding the balance and becoming conscious of 'what is' in every moment, even to the extent of being

a conscious witness through challenge and also allowing oneself to choose to express or not to

with freedom no matter the reality.


One thing I have learnt over time is that it is not my business to be involved in your business, that is your own unique experience, your sacred dance if you like.  I can witness and reflect you as you will me.


It is fair to say that whilst I am in this human form I will act and feel like a human, I get triggered and ebb and flow with all dimensions of my existence and in fact I can still get stuck in a loop until I realise I am in one.  

My story loops are stronger and deeper but so much more rewarding once they are unravelled.


In the offer of facilitating the Psychosomatic Therapy & Emotional Anatomy training,

I will show up in all forms of myself - Bianca Moeschinger Facilitator.  


Over your online experience,  we will journey together and learn how to embody the psychosomatic therapy process.  The course is about reading parts of ourselves and others; it is about integration, embodiment and to continue to unlock our personal toolbox.


This self mastery journey is an immersion,  facilitated through the guidance of the Psychosomatic therapy process and The PEAT Training Programs developed by Bianca Moeschinger & Gillian Maddigan.


During this process we observe energy in our own field internally and externally

whilst experiencing the morphogenic field of all around us.


We discover:

  • Planes of existence and where we love to hang out

  • Biofeedback, story and emotional loops

  • Triggers and catalysts for change

  • The practice of going in/down versus up and out

  • Mastering emotions or e-motion to then reach levels of emotional intelligence and regulation from a somatic perspective rather than mentally programming or telling.

  • Embracing all emotions - i.e E-motion

  • Boundaries, value and space

  • Communication, expression of all aspects of self

  • Explore energy in motion through subtle to gross movement.

  • Discover the polarities of self and then disconnecting from the story or attachment to them.

  • Bodywork through no touch and merely vibration of self and voice

  • possibly an Introduction and practice of light language, art, dance and the e-motion movement practice

What you will receive



What is the Psychosomatic Therapy process:

An advanced study of self - through deepening the process of the Magic of Bodymind Communication..  A discipline of authentically integrating and aligning your language, physical expression and thought patterns.


Subjects to be covered in the PEAT Personal Development online training:

  • We cover framework and how to set yourselves up to receive the most out of this online training course

  • Principles of Psychosomatics - The toolbox

  • Soul Connection of the feet

  • Theory & Understanding behind Body Mind Analysis

  • Face Reading and Decoding

  • Reflection on your past

  • The world is in your hands

  • Emotional Anatomy and Archetypes

  • Emotional Component of Psychosomatic Dis-Eases.

  • What have you uncovered in your psychosomatic & emotional anatomy journey?

Human Sketch
  • We look at the 'I Am' framework:

  • Where you are based geographically

  • What is your history, culture etc

  • Tell us about your family, occupation, age & who you identify as...

  • Triggers management

  • How you turn up for yourself and for others

  • We nurture growth, provide tools, resources and support.  How to best apply the learnings in your daily process and personal relationships. 

  • 'We meet each other where we are at.'


This module gives you the keys you can use in all the other modules. 

Understanding the key principles of psychosomatic and emotional anatomy awareness, application and the foundation of the work. 


  • The masculine and feminine dynamics (yin/yang)

  • The evolution of psychosomatics and how it can influence your world

  • Your body's energetic system in motion

  • Recognise how the psychosomatic process can be used to understand the deeper meaning of life but also discomfort, pain and imbalances.

  • The psychosomatic principles are tools you can keep forever, and that can be utilised throughout your life.

  • In understanding yourself, you know others more deeply from an internal and external perspective.


The feet support you in your journey throughout your life.

Each part of who you are is represented by the foundations beneath you.  Responding to how you measure your connection to the planet.

When you stand you make a connection to earth. 


  • The structure and element of your earth foundations

  • What each toe represents in your life

  • How your soul/sole connection responds to how you make a stand

  • How your bone, muscle, tissue development stores information about your past and how that influences your future

  • How your energy pools or flows in your feet and is influenced by your flexibility to move forward or stand your ground


Our body is the vessel of our experiences and behaviours (we are 'being' what we have here).  

From the moment of our conception to now, our body is continually forming, deconstructing and reforming.

We are created from our genetics, conditioning - family, environment, culture, religion or belief system and repetitive patterned responses-triggers.   


  • Our structure - foundation of our form

  • Chakras the bodies energetic system- representation and intersection

  • How energy flows from a psychosomatic perspective within our body  - The funnel

  • The internal world creates a response in our external body form.

  •  Through awareness of our internal world, we can reform our external responses and physical body

  • How psychosomatic responses are a unique perspective for each individual

  • How we process - a thinker, feeler or a do'er?


The face has been developed by your experiences from the womb to now.  We look at the past's impact and conditioning, and how they influence your present and future experiences.  

We dive into the structure, purpose and energy flow, exploring the bones, muscles, tendons, tissue and skin formations and how they function to represent your inner world.​


  • The bones are the growth pattern developed through experience in childhood, they make up your identity or structure.

  • The personality of your face shape

  • How your facial features speak through their shape, size and formation

  • Energy flow through the chakra system of the face

  • The expression and balance of the masculine & feminine qualities and attributes.

  • Practical application of Psychosomatic Face language decoding in your life


This module covers communication of all types, i.e relationships with self and others, including self talk, self touch, feeling of self and understanding the language of emotion.

We embed the information we have learnt and put it into practice to gain understanding.


  • This is where we explore patterns, stories and how they turn up in our mind, body and personal expression

  • What is the impact of those patterns and stories and how is it effecting your family, friends, work and social relationships?

  • Recognise patterns within language, behaviours and attitudes and their influence on the physical form


In this module we explore the utility of hands, their duality of expression and impression and the nuances of our sensitivity.

Touch is one of the first sensory experiences we learn. A baby senses life through the palms of their hands, because their fingers are not yet developed.

Do you have strong practical or a delicate sensitive hands, or maybe philosophical fingers, each share an intimate story, if we take the time to hold and read them.


  • The code of each fingers meaning

  • The resources in the palm of your hand

  • Each part of your hands has a unique language

  • The meaning of the Chakras in the hands 

  • The hands as they have so much depth that each discovery brings joy as it shows how you have reached out and received from life 


In this module we start to investigate further the chemistry in the tissue.  How the tissue responds to the way you are being.

We learn how important our stories and beliefs are to our body/mind.

Our individual story can tie us to the past or project us into the future.  We can be unaware of the complex and yet simple nature of our conditioning.

This module gives us an insight into our bodies and brings the unconscious into conscious awareness. 

In understanding ourselves we can have richer relationships with ourselves and others. 


  • Your form - blocks, triggers, releases

  • Movement, flow and interactions in the chakra  energy

  • Reservoirs,  channels, pouches and directional flow in your tissue and form

  • The value of breath and your current unique breathing pattern

  • We travel into the world of emotional structure, holding patterns and emotional release


The body-mind talks constantly informing us of prior experiences and present possibilities that may impact in the moment. 

When we choose to ignore the indications of discomfort for long periods of time they become dis-ease. 

Ignored long enough they can become life long or life ending.

In this module we look at causes, connections, change and clarity.​


  • How to identify and define the dis-ease 

  • Where and why does dis-ease manifest?

  • The connections between your energy centres chakras and dis-ease

  • Understanding managing and creating change in the relationship with the dis-ease.

  • Are you your disease and how do you live with your disease?


This module we go back the very beginning, we revisit your old photos and place them next to your new ones.

What are they showing you, how do they make you feel? 


  • What has been your journey over the whole program?  What have you noticed is different from the start to now?

  • Triggers are they a problem or have they changed? How does your emotional anatomy dance now - tango or thrash metal or freeze?

  • How do you stand in your world?

  • How has your face changed?

  • Do your hands and touch experience the world differently?

  • What do you feel is different with your energy flow, what has changed?

You will learn


  1. Self paced - Full Online PEAT Personal Development Program

  2. FREE Introduction Module - Online PEAT Personal Development Program

  3. Module 1 - A New way of Thinking, Feeling and Being

  4. Online Personal Development- PEAT Program + In-person Emotional Release bodywork training

  5. Online Practitioner qualification - PEAT Program + In-person Emotional Release bodywork training

In-Person Training to be held in:

Melbourne Australia 17th to 22nd November 2023

Amsterdam Netherlands 26th to 31st October 2023


from: FREE to $8,195.50AUD

please contact Bianca for full price list, specials and full program discounts

SAVE up to $1,995 if paid for by 30th July 2023

Payment plan's available

Previous student discount

Can be paid in AUD, EU, and CH

Secure your place with $1,000AUD deposit

Investment & Terms
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