Memberships, plans

and pricing

  • Regular Special

    Regular clients 4x standard sessions @$185 Paid in advance
    • 4x Standard sessions @ $185 a session paid in advance.
  • Monthly Yoga plan

    Every month
    Unlimited Psychosomatics and yoga online
    • Psychosomatics and Yoga Class - Online in person
    • Access to Psychosomatics and Yoga Library
    • Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Asana, Meditation
    • Satsang and devotional practices
    • Emergency practices
    • Psychosomatics and Yoga Therapy practices
  • Payment Plan PTT

    Every month
    Payment plan for Intensive Psychosomatic Therapy training
    Valid for 19 months
    • Every month for 19 months + 1x $135 (for certification)
    • Every month for 16 months + 1x $155 (for personal)
  • Self Mastery

    Every month
    Group coaching for those wishing to make a difference
    • Monthly 1 hour group coaching calls - Online
    • Access to private group for sharing and discussion
    • Access to 6x live online Yoga Classes with Bianca
    • Access to the'On Demand' Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra
  • Deposit PTT

    Deposit for Intensive Psychosomatic Therapy Training
    • Confirmation of enrolment in Psychosomatic Therapy training