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January 9, 2019

A rose forms from a bud, to me the rose symbolises the yoni.  As a woman our most natural way of being is to follow the path of the rose being the teacher of how to blossom. 

We are designed to blossom in the heat of the sun or the heat of our internal fire.  When we let our internal fire go out or we are not turned on, we can become rotten on the inside.  Just like fruit, this is when we need to stew the fruit or heat it up again to make it sweet, our smell will then become attractive again to us and everyone else.

When we have gone through trauma or are afraid of attraction we will also turn off our smell or become less desirable.  This is in our subconscious, we create a sense of comfort out of an imbalance and then see this to be normal.  Womb issues develop from this.

The sense of smell is located in your base chakra, the sense of sight is in your solar plexus.  What does this mean?  When I teach, I talk a lot about the triangle.  The base is at the bottom of the triangle and the solar plexus is in the middle.  Just like an ice berg you have to go deeper and closer to really activate the sense of smell.  If I were to relate to a beautiful flower, the colour and geometry will call you in, nature designed it to be like to be like the bud that opens and then exudes the smell.

When you become afraid of people or human contact you are only going to see people from a distance, or from the pace of sight, this creates judgement as you have disconnected from the deepest senses of connection with another.  To touch and smell another is to really start to understand them and their chemistry, thus understanding yourself better.

When two minds meet, you are really only meeting at what you both know of feel you know.

Music will activate all your senses, the sense of smell activates your sexual organs, digestive system and deeper memory. 

It is the most grounded of the senses and brings you back to immediate presence.

Womb work is what I do combined with giving you the tools to successfully be a girl/mother/woman/crone all at the same time, no matter what stage of your life you are in, those archetypes are in all of us.

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