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Awareness is to listen within & become conscious


Psychosomatic therapy is the understanding of the communication between the mind, body, the light or spirit and the soul/consciousness.

Why is this important to understand? We are all unique and yet are fundamentally the same, the uniqueness is what makes us different.  That difference can expand us in the pursuit of evolution.  

Awareness is the key to psychosomatic therapy and awareness leads to evolution and understanding of self.

When we realise that we are light within two particles or form, we then have the power to manifest and change.

Being a human on earth means that we have an incredible capacity for growth, we can heal ourselves, we are responsible for our existence and the true path to awakening is in presence.

In psychosomatic therapy we look at how the inside world expresses itself to the outside world.  We look at the story, the past in your tissue and form to see how you prepare your self for the future or what is in front of you.

We see your carefully crafted personality, what are your strongest features and what you  keep hidden.

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