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January 10, 2019

I have been a practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy for over 8 years now, I have also being teaching Certificate of Psychosomatic Therapy at practitioner and masters levels for 6 and 2 years consecutively.  I have just completed 3 years as the President of The International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy.

What have I learnt - Enough to write many books about.  In that time I have had many students and seen 100's of clients for many different reasons, they have come from many cultures, various ages, genders, sexual orientations and belief systems. 

I have learnt so much, so much in fact that I have pulled apart and listened to all the feedback and am putting finger to keyboard or pen to paper to create the essence of that, the strongest details and successes I have had from this experience and the work.

This work is profound, yes it is life changing, yes a 10 day course or an emotional release bodywork session will be something you have never experienced before. 

But what it is lacking is the simple things, what to do next?  This is what this year is about...  Immersions and workshops designed around support, support for my clients by way of 'Emotional release through Art Therapy', 'Understanding the duality of self' a closer look in their own dynamics.

For my students, 'Couch to practitioner' and 'Psychosomatic parts in detail' including more bodywork play-shops.

My future training courses will be online and in person. 

They will be in categories of :

  • Understanding self

  • Understanding others 

  • Practitioner training

In that order. 

We all need to do the self development before we can become a practitioner, only then can we understand others.  Then you are ready to learn the practitioner skills. 

It takes years, those who want to become a practitioner with me as your teacher, be prepared to go the distance. 

For those who wish to have an incredible self development life changing experience, that is available too.

Please subscribe or contact me directly if you are interested in what I am developing.

For those wishing to do their practitioner training and masters with me, please be patient.  Send me an email and we can have a chat about some options.

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