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It is within the sharing that the real magic of Psychosomatic Therapy happens

There is something about sharing and being witnessed.
Throughout this journey of Psychosomatics and Emotional anatomy you are going to learn a lot of things about yourself. 
Your entire perception of self will change.
Whilst you change naturally things will rise to the surface. 
You will at times be triggered.. Your old stories and patterns will rise.
This course is the opportunity for you to not only dive deep and feel these experiences, but to also receive feedback through the morphogenic field of others witnessing your change.
We will all be experiencing change and challenge as we are an ever changing organism, that can choose what we take forward into the future.
Remember the past is gone,
the future is not here yet,
all we have is what we have now,
in this present moment.

​During the Q&A sessions we will be sharing

To join this support and coaching group please sign up here or

notify Bianca before the 18th January 2022

20 x sessions over 7 months

2 hours a session

Cost $1,000 OR $92 a month over 12 months

We begin 21st January 2022 

in alignment with the Psychosomatics and Emotional Anatomy program

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