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understand the universe through your own flesh

Yoga for me is the place where I turn in

I move my awareness towards presence with my universe-my flesh,

when I get there I listen, I feel, I move, I listen more, I become aware.

It is within that moment I can accept and be fully present to what is.

Working as a therapist, being a mother and facing my own challenges  has shown me that no matter what shows up,

it takes a few moments of awareness,

some conscious breaths and acceptance to move through it

Quite literally.   We all find our feet again...

The Psychosomatics & Yoga therapy membership portal

is for anyone and everyone

looking for that place to land,

to understand themselves a little better 

gather some tools to make life a little easier.

I have incorporated Psychosomatics & Emotional Anatomy  awareness with BioMedical yoga therapy in these

'On Demand ' yoga, movement and meditation practices.


Simple movement practices. 

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meet & greet


"a little about my credentials"


Yoga & Allied Health Qualification

1000 hour Master of BioMedical Yoga Therapy, Mediation & Allied Health 

Psychosomatic Therapy Qualifications

Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy

Masters Psychosomatic Therapy

Diploma of teaching Psychosomatic Therapy Masters, teachers and Practitioner level


Teaching Qualifications

Cert IV TAE40110

First Aid + CPR


Continuing Professional Development

CPD01 Mediation as Lifestyle Medicine : Mind-Body Therapy

CPD02 Yoga Nidra Teacher training

CPD04 Trauma Informed Meditation Teacher Training - Meditation Therapy for Brain, Biome and Genome

CPD06 Mindfulness for a Meaningful life

CPD05 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training: Restorative Yoga Therapy

CPD08 Food-Mood Yoga and Meditation Therapy

CPD09 Meditation & Yoga Therapy for Pain Management - Neuroscience of Pain

CPD11 The Yoga Relationships - Relational Yoga and Meditation Therapy

CPD13 Kundalini Yoga - Energetic Yogic Anatomy

CPD07 Therapeutic Application of Kundalini Yoga 

CPD10 Compassion Focussed Yoga Therapy and Mediation teacher training 


Higher Level Learning

HLL01 BioMedical Yoga Therapy for Mental Health

HLL02 BioMedical Yoga Therapy for Gut-Brain Health

HLL06 BioMedical Yoga Therapy - Restorative Yoga Therapeutics

HLL04 BioMedical Yoga for Pain Relief  -Completion August 2022


Cert Dimensions Hatha Yoga Sadhana (Satyananda Tradition)

Cert Dimensions Raja Yoga Sadhana (Satyananda Tradition)

Co-Founder The PEAT Training Programs

Psychosomatics & Emotional Anatomy Hybrid Training Programs

WITH MY COMPLIMENTS - enjoy a Meditation OR
a Yoga class
Meditation - Heart Resonance

Meditation - Heart Resonance

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