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understand the universe through your own flesh

Yoga for me is the place where I turn in

I move my awareness towards presence with my universe-my flesh,

when I get there I listen, I feel, I move, I listen more, I become aware.

It is within that moment I can accept and be fully present to what is.

Working as a therapist, being a mother and facing my own challenges  has shown me that no matter what shows up,

it takes a few moments of awareness,

some conscious breaths and acceptance to move through it

Quite literally.   We all find our feet again...

The Psychosomatics & Yoga therapy membership portal

is for anyone and everyone

looking for that place to land,

to understand themselves a little better 

gather some tools to make life a little easier.

I have incorporated Psychosomatics & Emotional Anatomy  awareness with BioMedical yoga therapy in these

'On Demand ' yoga, movement and meditation practices.


Simple movement practices. 

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meet & greet


"a little about my credentials"

350 hour Yoga Teacher training in Personalised Biomedical Yoga

650 hour Yoga Teacher training Master of BioMedical Yoga Therapy, Mediation & Allied Health - Completion December 2022


Continuing Professional Development

CPD01 Mediation as Lifestyle Medicine : Mind-Body Therapy

CPD02 Yoga Nidra Teacher training

CPD04 Trauma Informed Meditation Teacher Training - Meditation Therapy for Brain, Biome and Genome

CPD06 Mindfulness for a Meaningful life

CPD05 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training: Restorative Yoga Therapy

CPD08 Food-Mood Yoga and Meditation Therapy

CPD09 Meditation & Yoga Therapy for Pain Management - Neuroscience of Pain

CPD11 The Yoga Relationships - Relational Yoga and Meditation Therapy

CPD13 Kundalini Yoga - Energetic Yogic Anatomy


Higher Level Learning

HLL01 BioMedical Yoga Therapy for Mental Health

HLL02 BioMedical Yoga Therapy for Gut-Brain Health

HLL06 BioMedical Yoga Therapy - Restorative Yoga Therapeutics


In Progress - 

HLL04 BioMedical Yoga for Pain Relief  -Completion August 2022

CPD07 Therapeutic Application of Kundalini Yoga - Completion August 2022

CPD10 Compassion Focussed Yoga Therapy and Mediation teacher training - Completion August 2022


Psychosomatic Therapy Qualifications

Certificate III Psychosomatic Therapy

Masters Psychosomatic Therapy

Diploma of teaching Psychosomatic Therapy Masters, teachers and Practitioner level


Teaching Qualifications

Cert IV TAE40110

First Aid + CPR


Cert Dimensions Hatha Yoga Sadhana (Satyananda Tradition)

Cert Dimensions Raja Yoga Sadhana (Satyananda Tradition)

WITH MY COMPLIMENTS - enjoy a Meditation OR
a Yoga class