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The journey to enlightenment is through presence.

What is enlightenment? For me enlightenment is the understanding and awareness of consciousness or the light within, the complete connection to all that is. I remember vividly a moment when I was sitting on the grass outside 'Wirrega' on one of the last days of teaching psychosomatic therapy. I was preparing for the day and clearing my self before finding my centre and delivering what I needed to deliver on that day.

The Psychosomatic therapy course becomes deeper and deeper each day as we all become more attuned. This happens through the beginning of the understanding of self through ones tissue. We actually move way beyond the external, the mind, thoughts, right into self and then expand further in how we represent ourselves in accordance with energy. We then notice how that relates to others.

What this creates is a very mindful approach to how we are being, what we need and not need and also the importance of our actions and words. It is almost like we understand the complex nature and yet simplicity of the universe itself.

This makes for an experience of complete lightness, unlike the heaviness of being attached to either your own story or someone else's. It also gives us an immediate look at when we are triggered and being pulled out of self or almost voluntarily losing ourselves into the fight/flight/flee pattern that most of us in live in most of the time.

The difference between this state and one of mind control is that it is not present it is controlling a situation from the place of wanting a certain outcome, attaching to or being dependant on the situation being how you want it to be, whilst manipulating the situation without being consciously aware of it. This can come from your conditioning or feeling around pleasing or not wanting to feel another's discomfort or even our own discomfort.

The more present you are with yourself the more your can take full responsibility for your reactions in all situations, the more present you are with your understanding of self the more clearly you can witness the world around you.

The journey to this place takes time, each time you reach a new level of consciousness awareness it is exciting and awesome, it stays with you, it is not like it can go backwards. When I say stays with you, you can easily become yourself again or what I call the person I am when I am at home, but there is a difference, it is subtle but it is there. You have changed.

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