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You have to be truely present to feel... or to Feel you have to be truely present..

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

So much in that statement, God gave us senses to connect with the present. Our nervous system is designed in a way to really embrace the senses, it gives us information of how we truely feel. We cannot truely feel until we become fully present and return to our bodies in a state of absolute presence.

When one has experienced Trauma and this can be caused in so many ways, a disconnection can occur from the experience. We can also be attuned to a belief about an experience that can create a pattern for life. Our body and brain start to form in accordance with our experience.

During a bodywork session what is actually happening.. You are being guided back into your body, you are being held whilst you start to open and let go of the heaviness you have gotten so used to in life. We don't know we are out of alignment until we come back into alignment and breathe.

The pain that you feel in bodywork is pain you have learnt how to numb, it is there you have just created distractions so you don't feel it, every action and reaction you have in life comes from the exact shape you are in.

Coming back into presence or even feeling can be the hardest thing a person can experience. The world has so many distractions to keep you out of your feelings and only when you have a massive reaction from a trigger, of death, pain, anger, grief, loss and the like do we truely come home for that moment. We fight with this reality, we want the joy back, the sugar, the high and orgasm of life.

Coming back to presence is not just about feeling, it is about reality of what is real right now. If we really understand how we are feeling in that moment we can detect when things are out of balance. We can connect into what food we need and don't need. We can also feel into who, what,

where is good for us, we become more conscious.

Bianca Moeschinger x

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