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Experiencing a feeling something like anxiety or that feeling of not being able to settle..

Let's look at the scenario of not being able to settle, reaching for your phone, looking for what to eat, grasping at the next thing to do or action, jumping off in different directions or conversation.

This is a state that a lot of people are in all the time and don't realise it. It is important to realise we are in this state as our hormones are madly at work trying to balance our system to keep in it in a somewhat calm state.

Majority of us are addicted to the high, the feeling better or happy. We have lost touch with the feeling of balance, the place where we are not reaching or grasping for anything, we can sit in silence and find comfort in our own breath. To some this feels like a foreign concept and I understand that. If you are able to read this then you are old enough to release that you constantly are going through peaks and troughs, ups and downs throughout life, each moment or day. Things can change in an instant in either a higher or lower state.

As famously quoted:

'This too shall pass' Rumi

Our heart rate variability and constitution of our body will dictate how we act and react in these situations, as we get older in life our tissue matures and is able to handle situations better, this is the natural evolution of life. Teachers come in may forms that are not always human that show us ways to deal with things with more grace and ease that helps ours and others suffering to not be so severe.

Increasing ones consciousness also aids in this.

"As I write I am being led in so many tangence, almost like each finger of my hand wants to express its wisdom from the many different directions of thought to impart some wisdom that will help you with your challenge in this moment" Bianca x

What is important to realise is that our body needs to be in life as much as it needs to be in death, let me go deeper into my meaning behind those words. Our cells live and die faster than the speed of light, in simple terms they die and are re-birthed, our skin sheds, our hair falls out, we defecate.. in other words we are a living breathing organism that is similar to that in a pertri dish.

Our perception of life plays a huge role in our experience as our mind takes control and dictates what our life should be like (love that word 'should'). Our body is innocent and is merely reporting back to us a state of imbalance, discomfort, hungry, thirsty, tired and for a women I am going to let go of this unfertilised egg and bleed, whilst feeling the loss of that.

The expectation that we have to be a certain way all the time is unrealistic and not what we are designed to be as a human.

If we remove the judgement and merely drop into exactly how we are feeling in that moment and give it the space and the acknowledgement that we would give another person we would be better off.

Ask yourself... How am I feeling? Listen for the answer and acknowledge the truth, let go of the judgement. Allow yourself to feel exactly what it is... Im sad, Im ashamed, Im alone, Im scared.. once this is acknowledged the body has a chemical reaction to the acknowledgement, it is allowed to be heard and grieve or laugh, the heavy weight is lifted somewhat you are not hiding or trying to burry that emotion.

When it has that chemical reaction don't stop it, or judge it, let your body grieve, let the wet tears come, let your heart feel heavy as it heals. The stopping of the emotion creates more imbalance of the energy. As the judgement comes in, let it go!! every milli second the emotion is changing keep flowing with it, using the same principles. Once released you will feel lighter as a weight has been lifted off your chest, your heart is no longer heavy and you can breathe.

Your mind is a very strong catalyst in preventing true emotions coming to the surface. Observe your mind in action when it does this.

This takes great courage, and it is where to start, the body has an incredible way of releasing the built up hold on energy on the inside when we feel safe to do so. Anxiety stems from holding onto things we believe we cannot handle that are to overwhelming for us, Psychosomatically the system goes into a tight hold pattern that increases the heart rate and shortens the breathe whilst the muscles tense in a "I am going to be killed pattern"

If you are in a state of anxiety please look at my Tips and practices category for things you can do to help you through this moment. Know that you are loved.

Bianca Moeschinger x

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