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If I was your shoulders what would I be saying to you..

The first thing I would say is that I am your boundaries, I am the strong boundary or lack of boundary or something in between. Are your arms armed or disarmed? Psychosomatic Therapy brings to life the expression of each part of the body so you start to understand how your behaviour or 'Be Have here' through repetition and conditioning has created who and how your are.

But! I hear you asking how can that create a shift in me? A mere understanding, awareness or shedding a light on a behaviour pattern you have makes you stop in your tracks and re-evaluate. You mind has has an idea of who you think you are or even how you think you are seen to the world. When you realise the restriction you have put on your self to hold you in a certain position or way you realise you are actually 'Holding' your shoulders and arms will act and react in the way you have trained them to with repetition for many years. This leads to many things..

Please understand that this condition is also created from your physical and psychological environment of your case history. Your genetic inheritance past and present also play a part in your core attitudes.

The body is always creating balance, we can overuse some muscles and let others simply relax and even lose their purpose. Our muscles can stay stressed and tight for many years, we can block out discomfort and pain with distraction. Until that pain moves to an area we listen to.

Your shoulders and upper torso respond, they process and feel. The tissue in your upper torso is more sensitive than that in other parts of your body as it houses your ribcage which protects and provides information to your lungs and heart. The parasympathetic nervous system, mostly represented in the thorax (upper torso) by the vagus nerve, acts as the body’s “rest and digest” system by counteracting the sympathetic nervous system and relaxing the heart and lungs.

Knowing this we can get a grasp of how important our shoulders and arms are, and if they are not working in an optimal way will encourage behaviour that is perhaps out of balance and causing of more discomfort than required. The torso and arms are also impulsive and act and react from the sub conscious or cellular memory.

When we learn how to say Yes and No, or even understand our own boundaries we are exercising our shoulders and arms in a way that brings about more homeostasis. Think about the force behind your action decisions, think also about when your whole body wants to express and act and your mind says no.

Your arms are a way of your expressing yourself, think about it Bicep (two ways), Tricep (three ways), your arms express and do in a multitude of ways. They provide you with fulfilment and movement, they unlock the gateways to your heart.

Shoulders are also your responsibilities, your 'Shoulds', the things you hang on to that you cant seem to action or get a handle of, they grasp things that are yet to be figured out...

And breathe!! Look at these, let go of these from your body and trust that what ever you need is still there in the ether and will come to you when you need it, you don't need to hang on to it until you work it out, if you do you are not trusting the universe and the magic of flow.

We tend to tie ourselves up in knots until we can't breathe, this leads to shortening of breath, increase in heart rate and anxiety. It also keeps me in business.

With love

Bianca Moeschinger


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