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COVID19 - Diary - 1... Rebirth

During the catchup with my friends unicorn and pony today, i came to this awareness.

I am currently feeling a deep rebirth.

My personality that i have h

eld and fiercely defended is dying.

I feel lightness and laughter in my belly.

My hips feel like moving and drinking smooth beats.

I am in awe of the beauty that is coming out in my fellow humans.

I feel the earth she is really singing.

The birds are happy.

I am breathing.

This is the most amazing time to be alive.

To witness these times in my life is a real gift.

My kidneys can hold fear or alchemy.

Some lessons i have learned in my life:

Keep moving Keep flowing Stay connected to my connection Be informed Be present Digest what resonates with my current position.

Build a relationship with my system. my breath my lungs MY heart My heart rate my nervous system my digestive system

I spend time alone and check in.

I allow my insight to be my superpower.


insight is theirs, it can be a highlight to me or an opinion.

If we all take responsibility for our own system, others will not have too!

Bunny x


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