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Actualisation what does this really mean

A moment of actualisation and there are many is a feeling when you gain clarity and everything in that moment aligns. Almost like the veil is lifted and the magic is happening in front of you, the guidance, the keys, the direction and the absolute clarity about self and all that is.

Reaching this state for a moment is not about holding onto it or forcing it to stay forever more, it is about walking forward to reach the next level of actualisation as the level has been attained.

It is very important for us to live in a multi dimensional life, as it is within the natural clumsy steps of life that we can attain this easier. The temptations, the decisions smart or not so smart all lead us to where we need to be.

I feel we sometimes forget that we are all one big organism and others are the pawns to our own internal journey, some of us never take stock and embodying our own words.

When you have attained something... anything, you become the point in a triangle, you can hold that point in your own natural essence. As you reach levels of higher consciousness you can hold the point of higher dimensional triangles or ones closer to the centre of all that is.

When in a circle, none of us holds the point to make the stronger ending point, we are all points in a flow of equality.

Mandala is life, maths, geometry, yantra, gives us the keys and happen in all relationship dynamics.

A circle gives the opportunity to bounce, to roll, to flow in a boundary that has no sharp endings points or hard boundaries.

Sri Yantra has come to me, a Woman's initiation "HER SONG" has been called in, I work in trinity, the trinity is Me, Emma and Sri Yantra. The place is Wirrega, if you feel you want to be a point in our circle and a point in your own triangle as you actualise and attain new realisations then this retreat is for you.

We are calling in our tribe, we work with the pure energy of Sri Yantra..

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