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What you will receive:

This is the ultimate in therapeutic and personal development experiences.

Do you have an interest in Mind/Body Communication?

Do you wish to understand more about energy?

Do you want to gain a better relationship with your inner world?

Do you want to understand the power of your emotions?

Do you have an interest in mastering energetic bodywork?

Are you a massage therapist or interested in massage touch?

Are you sensitive but need deeper understanding?

Do you desire to read other's energy, face, body, hands and feet language? Or perhaps your own?

Are you on a journey of mastery or self-discovery?

Would you like to get more in touch with your feelings?


This training program will deliver all of the above and more.

9 comprehensive modules focused on a self development

9 comprehensive modules focused on practitioner advancement and certification

All can be completed; Online - Self paced

Includes 6 days In-Person hands on training

Private online community access

Support and direct access to program facilitators

We start online: the modules will take approximately 3 months to complete. 

The in-person training is delivered over 6 days in either Melbourne, Australia or Amsterdam Netherlands. We immerse ourselves in body reading and emotional anatomy touch and feel points including 4 days of bodywork.


Psychosomatic therapy is equally about:

- the education of what things mean in your body/mind communication

- the energy effect itself

the morphogenic field, that starts to show its self,

and you see yourself in others.

In fact,  we start to realise that the world we are living in,  is our own perception and the only one we are loving or fighting with, is an aspect of ourselves.

Over the 6 days we look at a variety of tissue quality and quantity, various shapes, postures, movement, articulation, vibration through sound, feel, action/reaction and all the magic that comes with experiencing these qualities. We learn the power of touch, transference, flow, hold, soft, firm, anchors and the power of our own emotional ability.


The In-Person component is not only rich, rewarding and challenging it is also liberating and truth.



Psychosomatics & Emotional Release Bodywork In-Person Training + PEAT online

6 day In-Person training in either Amsterdam NL or Melbourne AUS + PEAT Online

START studying online in preparation for 6 days of advanced emotional release bodywork training and energy work.

PEAT Training Programs are offering the complete Psychosomatic Therapy, Emotional Anatomy and the Body intensive experience via online and In-Person training.

What you will receive
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In this training we cover all the areas that are best to cover in-person:

  • 1 days Body reading Analysis

  • 1 day Emotional anatomy training

  • 4 days Emotional Release bodywork

  • Complete 2 x body readings (BMA) on other students 

  • Complete 4 x emotional release bodywork on other students 


Each morning we begin with sharing. In sharing most students experience psychosomatics in motion whilst being witnessed.  Witnesses feel the effects of you in them in real time. This teaches us about human relations in the gross and subtle fields.


Examples of practices that can be used in therapy or for your own personal use.

Delivered by Bianca Moeschinger & Gillian Maddigan


In-Person 9:00am to 5:00pm daily

Amsterdam NL - 26th to 31st October 2024

Melbourne AUS - 23rd to 28th May 2024


RECEIVE up to $1,995 AUD discount

When purchased in a package

Limited places available for the In-Person in Melbourne & Amsterdam

Investment & Terms
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