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What are the PEAT Training Programs?
Self paced -Online - In-Person

Bianca Moeschinger has teamed up with Gillian Maddigan to create:

 'The PEAT Training Programs'

Psychosomatics & Emotional Anatomy Training


I have been a therapist and teacher in this industry for a long time now. 

A lot of my clients ask "What is it that you do?"

I usually answer with something along the lines of Emotional Release bodywork, Psychosomatic Therapy or energy work, depending on their satisfaction response I either stop there or elaborate more.  To most people this doesn't mean much. When they refer me to people they just say "Go and see Bianca" and they do - each session is different and unique.


What do I do?  The first thing I do is remain connected, aware and centred within myself. In other words I have a strong awareness of my history and how it forms my body/mind relationship.  I also have a strong awareness of how energy moves through my body and the impact I have on another.  I venture inter-dimensionally and feel comfortable in whatever paradigm those around me wish to dwell in. I take full responsibility for my existence.


In a client session my objective is to assist them back to their own guidance system, through gently working with energy, words, time and space, by touch or simply being.


I realised that this was, and is, a gift - that people could benefit from.

My gifts came from many years working as a therapist and teacher of Psychosomatic Therapy.  I have held emotional release bodywork sessions for thousands of people over many years, both in one on one sessions and in a group settings.  It has been my goal to pen and bring this work to many people around the world.

The internet has provided us with the ability to touch and influence people no matter where they are.  I partnered with Gillian Maddigan - the daughter of the Late Hermann Müller, founder and creator of The Psychosomatic Therapy process. She brings the depth and foundation to this work. Her stability and wealth of wisdom in the Psychosomatics and Emotional Release world is priceless.



The PEAT Training Programs was born. 

PEAT stands for Psychosomatics and Emotional Anatomy Training

The programs, mini courses and in-person training sessions are based on Psychosomatic Therapy, Emotional Anatomy, Emotional Release/Bodywork training in additional to our own unique gifts we have gained throughout our lives.


We offer a Personal development journey with an option into professional development pathway of certification.

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