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Hello and welcome to my site

I would love to share a little about myself so you can get a feel of who I am.

I received this awareness many years ago, it was as clear as day -

"everything I touch turns to gold"

It was this very message that put me in a holding pattern, what if I chose the wrong path? The wrong thing? If everything I touch turns to gold then how priceless is that and how careful do I have to be about what and who I touch? However It is true - everything I touch does turn to gold.  It is divine consciousness, purity, cleansing and love.

My therapy, immersions, workshops and courses are designed to help you to develop your own awareness and provide you the skills to continue on your journey. 

The backbone of my abilities are based on Psychosomatic principles, Yoga, expanded consciousness and a deep ability to see and feel.

I also understand, use and speak the language of light.

'Understand the duality of life and don't get stuck in either...'


Here to Educate and Challenge

All services are offered in person or online

in person or online

I offer a variety of 1:1 sessions to suit people's needs. 


I offer sessions that include emotional release therapy, some are bodywork specific.

For Bodywork -initial consultation is 1 3/4 hours, with any follow ups 60 or 90 minutes. 

Consultations for emotional release therapy are 1 hour 

online or in person

Lightwork sessions, using light language are 1 hour sessions and can be done in person or online.


I offer online Psychosomatic & Yoga classes - casually or by monthly membership

My classes are a combination of Restorative Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Asana incorporating Biomedical principles and meditation. 


I apply the wisdom of feminine embodiment and Psychosomatic and Yoga Therapy to all classes.

Perfect for stress, anxiety, emotional release, sleep disorders, menstrual cycle issues, fertility, centring, feeling , connection


I currently co-facilitate  Psychosomatics & Emotional Anatomy Training programs online and In Person through my sister business -

Our next program starts 8th May 2023, it runs for 6 weeks online. 


The program suits either professional development and personal development.


The In Person component starts 24th August 2023 for 8 days  in the Yarra Valley

They are based on psychosomatic principles, embodiment, emotional release therapy, bodywork, yoga, tantra, art therapy and play.


There are many ways in which we can now interact: 

- Join online Psychosomatics and Yoga Classes casual or memberships available - Large library of classes available

- Listen to my Podcast 'Under the Silence'

- Psychosomatics & emotional anatomy Community

Online Training - Pathways for personal, professional and practitioner training

(based on Psychosomatic therapy and the emotional anatomy)

Monthly student coaching - PEARL

& Face to Face Training and Residential retreats

Buddha Statue


These two words say so much to me, in the past they were throw away words that I really didn't understand the depth of. 

Discipline is one of the key ingredients to life, it is located in the place of all desires and creation, the sacrum or sacral chakra.  I grew up not liking the word discipline, it left a really bad taste in my mouth, it was something I wanted to rebel against as I did not yet understand the meaning behind the discipline that was being put on me.  

Devotion is to be devoted to something you truely love, that love you find in the depths of your heart that is only felt when someone you love dies, a child is born or true love crosses your path.  I have found devotion to myself, I have found that being devoted to myself I am more devoted to my life/family and everything I choose to touch.


A rose forms from a bud, to me the rose symbolises the yoni.  As a woman our most natural way of being is to follow the path of the rose being the teacher of how to blossom. 

We are designed to blossom in the heat of the sun or the heat of our internal fire.  When we let our internal fire go out or we are not turned on, we can become rotten on the inside.  Just like fruit, this is when we need to stew the fruit or heat it up again to make it sweet, our smell will then become attractive again to us and everyone else.

When we have gone through trauma or are afraid of attraction we will also turn off our smell or become less desirable.  This is in our subconscious, we create a sense of comfort out of an imbalance and then see this to be normal.  Womb issues develop from this.



I am this body, this personality that is whole, i have presence. I can be strong or invisible. I am a pulsating organism that can speak, not speak, breath quietly or loudly. I am looking out from this space called my body, I watch with awe what is happening around me, I am here to create, be something, even if I choose not to, it is impossible for me to be invisible or silent. I am alive and the condition of being alive is to create something.

I am young, my body wants to run, I can feel my legs, my heart starts to race, I giggle, this is life, this is what life is like. I want more giggle, I want more of that feeling, my hands want to touch and feel everything, my eyes going from focus to exploration, I just want to play some more.


I have been a practitioner of Psychosomatic Therapy for over 8 years now, I have also being teaching Certificate of Psychosomatic Therapy at practitioner and masters levels for 6 and 2 years consecutively.  I have just completed 3 years as the President of The International Association of Psychosomatic Therapy.

What have I learnt - Enough to write many books about.  In that time I have had many students and seen 100's of clients for many different reasons, they have come from many cultures, various ages, genders, sexual orientations and belief systems. 

I have learnt so much, so much in fact that I have pulled apart and listened to all the feedback and am putting finger to keyboard or pen to paper to create the essence of that, the strongest details and successes I have had from this experience and the work.

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“Poor is the pupil who does not surpass his master.”

Leonardo Da Vinci


Are you ready to dip in the tip of your toe or the whole foot..

My work is based on all of the above. 
Our entire existence is based on chemistry. 
I love words, art, play, touch, taste, smell, movement and stillness.



Psychosomatic Therapy to me is a deep understanding of the communication of your body mind and soul. 

Your behaviour, is your 'being what you have here', your actions and reactions are a consequence of the current shape you are in. 

When we understand what the tissue is communicating we then choose to accept or change it.

Psychosomatics is bring awareness to the issue, or shine a light on it so it is seen, with awareness it automatically starts to change, as it is no longer hidden or in the dark.


To me alchemy sums up everything that I do, I have found language in all forms sometimes not enough. 

By working with the purest form the person can feel their forgotten language and it is even beyond the feel, it is a space of clarity and complete connection almost like conception.

I can label a workshop or an immersion and you can be doing associated tasks or behaviours and behind the scenes the alchemy will be happening.

Almost like ancient times when the believers tried to turn metals into gold.  See Quote 'Psychology and Alchemy'



Tantra - loom, weave, system. 

Tantra to me is the embodiment of the feminine creator 'Shakti' and divine consciousness 'Shiva'.

It is the understanding of the dualities of life and energy. Observing, feeling, embodying chemistry and subtle energies.

I facilitate beyond the body and yet deep within the body.  Tantra to me is the journey to truth, it is my sex, my chemistry.  It is observing the relationship, sex or chemistry in all interactions. 

So much deeper than superficail sex or what is marketed and depicted in society.


Yoga to me is life, it is the deepest of connections to self.

My yoga or sadhana is in everything that I do, it is not only on a mat, or in meditation it is about my devotion to life itself.

The ancient practices are the keys to expand ones consciousness and allow us to journey between past present and future.

Yoga is applied in all that I do, my discipline with yoga means I can remain balanced, connected and in alignment.


To find out more information on our training, online yoga classes or 1:1 sessions, please get in touch.



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